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  • Narendra-Modi-PTI12-780x509

    साल में कितनी छुट्टियां लेते हैं मोदी, पीएमओ ने किया खुलासा।

    आप लोग मोदी जी को तो जानते ही होंगे वो हमारे देश भारत के पीएम हैं। कुछ महीने पहले प्रधानमंत्री से आरटीआई के तहत कुछ निजी सवाल पूछे गए उनमे से कुछ उनकी निजी ज़िन्दगी से भी रिलेटेड हैं। उनमे से एक सवाल ये भी था की नरेंद्र मोदी जी ने पीएम बनने के बाद आज […]

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    bloomy sunday

    “सूइसाइड सांग” इस गाने को सुनकर लोग कर लेते है आत्महत्या सरकार ने किया बैन

    हम अभी ये जानते है के म्यूजिक के पास हर एक स्तिथि के लिए कुछ न कुछ है / जब भी हम कभी परेशान होते है तो सैड सांग्स सुनते है / अगर बात मस्ती के मूड की हो तो हमारे पास हजारो  गाने है / पर क्या आप जाते है इस दुनिया में कुछ […]

  • harshali malhotra

    ये छोटे उस्ताद एक दिन में करते है इतनी कमाई आप भी हो जायेंगे हैरान

    आप सभी bollywood फिल्म्स और टीवी शोज तो देखते ही होंगे। आपने उसमे बोहोत से छोटे स्टार्स को देखा ही होगा। उनकी एक्टिंग, क्यूटनेस लाजवाब होते है ये छोटे उस्ताद बड़े सितारों को टक्कर देते है। ये छोटे छोटे स्टार्स अपनी एक्टिंग जे जरिये दिल जित लेते हैं। पर क्या आपको पता है वो छोटे छोटे […]

  • Natron Lake

    गलती से भी इस झील को छू लिया तो बन जाओगे पत्थर के

    शायद आप सोच रहे  नामुमकिन है लेकिन ये कोई अजीब या झूटी कहानी नहीं है / विज्ञानं बहुत आगे जाने के बावजूद भी कुछ रहस्सयो को आज भी नहीं सुलझा पाया है / चाहे फिर वह “बरमूडा ट्रायंगल” हो या फिर अमेरिका की ” सान लुइस वैली” तो हम आज बात कर रहे है एक ऐसी […]

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    सपनो के बारे में कुछ ऐसी बातें जिन्हें पढ़कर आप हैरान हो जायेंगे।

    सपने हमारी ज़िन्दगी का एक एहम हिस्सा है। हम अपनी ज़िन्दगी का 1/4  हिस्सा सोने और सपने देखने में बिताते है और हम सबको सपने देखना अच्छा भी लगता है। कभी कभी हम डरावने सपने भी देखते है जिसके बाद हम डरकर उठ जाते है।  हम सपने दो तरह से देखते है एक तो खुली आँखों से […]

  • samishta mukherjee facebook

    facebook पर राष्ट्रपति प्रणब मुखर्जी की बेटी को किये अश्लील मैसेज

    आज के समय में सोशल नेटवर्किंग इतनी बढ़ गयी है, कि हम सब नेटवर्किंग साइट्स पर हर समय एक्टिव रहते है। हम लोग उसका सही इस्तेमाल भी करते है और नहीं भी करते है। मतलब हम में से कुछ लोग अपने काम के लिए दोस्तों के साथ अपडेट रहने के लिए और सभी के टच […]

  • Gisele Bündchen

    Top 10 Richest Celebrities And Their Net Worth – OMG!

    Who doesn’t know about Forbes, It is an American media company and it is popular for its Forbes Magazine, and this magazine is accessible for the lists of top things in the world. Infect this magazine set the trend that if this magazine said those people are the richest in the world, then there is […]

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    Margot Robbie in wolf of street

    10 Interesting Facts About Margot Robbie – Some Facts Are Unbelievable

    After releasing of Suicide Squad movie, Margot Robbie is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She is a very young star from Australia, and she worked hard to get this success. She displayed her stunning sexy and acting skills in movies like Suicide Squad and Wolf Of Wall Street. Now no one can’t stop this gorgeous actress now. […]

  • alia bhatt tip tip barsa pani performance

    A New Avtar Of Alia Bhatt, She Reveal Her New Talent In This Video – You Will Shock After Watching This

    Alia Bhatt is a heartthrob Bollywood actress who always comes with something new on Social media for her fans and this time she did the same for Social media fans on Twitter. Alia Bhatt loves Bollywood item numbers since she starts understand what Bollywood is. This time, Alia choose Old Bollywood item number “Tip Tip […]

  • arvind kejriwal troll

    This Parody Twitter Account Of Arvind Kejriwal Is Trolling Official Companies Twitter Handles Like A Boss! We Died With Laughing.

    Recently Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal shares his fear of Narendra Modi that Mr. Modi want to kill him. After his statement, all funny and viral social media fans of Kejriwal start trolling on social media. Just like that, there is one Twitter handle between us called “TrollKejri” and this account is […]

  • maxresdefault

    Top 10 Most Sexiest WWE Divas Of 2016

    WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc) is an entertainment company that mostly deals in professional wrestling in the United States. Women are also taking a part in wrestlings against women, and most of them are so hot. In this article, I will share top 10 sexiest WWE Divas of 2016. After watching these images of divas, […]

  • MG-0349

    Who Invented Tempered Glass First Time, Mind You This Invention Is Very Old

    These days all of us uses tempered glass on our smartphones, and it helps our smartphones to stay scratch less, and it also protects our smartphones screen to make it break free. It is a cheap product and we never wanna know who invent this awesome invention which gives our smartphone protection and safe them. […]

  • why bluetooth called bluetooth

    Why Bluetooth Is Called Bluetooth?

    As we all know Bluetooth, is famously used for transferring data from one device to another. However, have you ever wondered why Bluetooth is called as Bluetooth? Well, if yes, then I might have the answer to your curiosity! The origin of the world ‘Bluetooth’ was inspired by a Medieval king dating back to 958 […]

  • pokemon go and twinkle khanna

    The Latest Fan Of Pokémon Go – Mrs. Funnybones Twinkle Khanna

    Pokemon Go is a trend right now. Every other person is playing it be it whatever the place to the position of the individual. Everybody is aware of the fact that whoever downloads the game, does not take much time to get addicted to it. Today, there are basically two types of people on the […]

  • bollywood-actress-who-marry-for-money

    8 Bollywood Actresses Who Married For Money – Must Check

    There are many high profiles and rich celebrities and actresses in Bollywood. Many of these actresses married successful business tycoons to secure their future life even after they quit the film industry. Here is a list of the some of the popular Bollywood actresses who married for money. Vidya Balan and Siddharth Roy Kapoor Vidya […]

  • internship tactics

    Make The Most Of Your Internship – No Matter What Field!

    So you walked into the office, earlier than the most of the others, but sat through the day fetching coffee or two… moreover, doing nothing else? If this is how your internship is passing, you need to learn how to make the most of it. Here are some tips to help you get the most […]

  • body language tips for interview

    Body Language Tips For Interview

    First times are always special. Be it your first word, first day at school, first day in college – all firsts are special and exciting! However, your first interview, in addition to being particular and exciting, is also bound to make you a little jittery, and that is normal. Apart from all your knowledge and […]

  • websites for internship

    Website That Are Must Check For Internships

    We all have struggled to find an entirely awesome internship for ourselves st some point or the other. We all know that if you land up doing the right kind of internship, you can learn a whole lot before you set foot in the hardcore professional world! So, here is a list of websites that […]

  • girls take charge for guys

    Those Moments When Guys Love Girls Taking Charge For Them

    In today’s world chivalry is very much accepted but still, people like to take charge of things in their hands. We pay our bills, and we can even make the first move. However, it is not just the girls who love taking charge, but the boys as well. They love it when, we, girls take […]

  • long distance relationship

    The Perks Of Having Long Distance Relationships

    The first thoughts that come to our mind as we hear the term ‘LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIPS’ are loneliness, craving for hugs and kisses, exorbitant phone bills, fights, jealousy. However, it is not that bad. Yes, it does bring some challenges, but it has some of its nice perks as well. Read on to know them… […]

  • world famous apps

    The Ironies Behind The World’s Most Famous Apps

    The generation of today is full of surprising success stories that nobody could have ever imagined. Nobody had ever expected that the era of information would sprout into chunks of business ideas with such unique selling propositions, like any other industry that is categorized as a human necessity. Apparently, applications and websites such as Facebook, […]

  • kangana ranaut sexy

    7 Celebrities Who Turned Down Big Offers – Must Watch

    The celebrities of Bollywood are mostly mocked about their decisions in choosing the wrong films, acting skills, and dancing abilities, etc. However, what we do not know is that some Bollywood celebrities have turned down various multi-million endorsement deals just because they thought that it would affect the society in an adverse manner. These celebrities […]

  • watch on left hand

    Find Out Why Do We Wear Watch On Left Hand? – Must Read

    People everywhere wear watches on their wrists, and usually, it is observed that men wear the wrist watch on their left hand while women wear their watches on their right hand. No watch is particularly meant for wearing them on left or right hand. There is no hard and fast rule to wear wrist watches […]

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    moles on face meaning

    Do You Have Moles On Your Face, You Need To Know What They Mean?

    There is a book named Tung Shu, also known as The Chinese Almanac, is the book of auspicious and inauspicious dates. However, there is much more to this book than just the dates. This book is a vast mine of information relating to astrology, codes, and symbols, derived by philosophers of ancient China. In this […]

  • relationship facts

    7 Facts About Relationships That Everybody Should Know

    7 facts about relationship which should everybody know before getting into relationship. Contrary to what people say to you and what these fairy tales tell you, the relationship takes time and effort. They take work. So, here is a list of some of the best findings that may help you make you relationship last forever. […]

  • guys dont understand girls

    9 Things Men Don’t Understand About Women Ever

    They say it is very difficult to understand women, that women are a very complicated creation of God. But I think that if you pay real attention to a woman, She can be as easy as anything. So, here are some points that will help you understand her better. Girl Drama. Girl Drama is not […]

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    Top 10 Hottest Women In The World 2016 – Must Watch

    You saw many hot and sexy women in your city, in your country or in the word. But after watching these international women and celebrities, you will say that these are really hot and sexy women in the world. We listed these women on their sexy appearance, talent, and stunning hot figures. So today we […]

  • drinking water in a right way

    You’re Drinking Water In A Wrong Way – Find Out Best 8 Ways

    You must be thinking what can be wrong with drinking water. You just have to open the bottle and take a big gulp. But have you even thought about the type of water you are drinking or the quality of your water? Here I have made a list let you know where you are wrong […]

  • salman khan and lulia

    Salman Khan Attended The Birthday Party Of This Girl But Why? Must Watch

    Iulia Vantur, who is known to be Salman Khan’s date, these days celebrated her 36th birthday with an intimate party with Salman Khan’s family and her friends at Salman’s residence on Saturday. Salman’s sisters Arpita with her husband Aayush Sharma and Alvira were present in the party. Along with these three, Salman’s sister-in-law Malaika’s sister, […]

  • mumbai police tweet for pokemon go gamers

    Mumbai Police Tweets About Pokemon Go – Must Read For All Gamers

    Pokemon Go, a new location-based augmented reality game, has become a rage amongst the youngsters. They are playing the game everywhere and even on the busy streets. Due to this, the Mumbai Police has started cautioning people to not to make it a cause of accidents while playing it on city roads. The Police has […]

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