10 Interesting Facts About Margot Robbie – Some Facts Are Unbelievable

Margot Robbie in wolf of street

After releasing of Suicide Squad movie, Margot Robbie is one of the best actresses in Hollywood. She is a very young star from Australia, and she worked hard to get this success. She displayed her stunning sexy and acting skills in movies like Suicide Squad and Wolf Of Wall Street. Now no one can’t stop this gorgeous actress now. Today we are going to tell you some fact about Margot Robbie. I am damn sure you don’t know these facts about this sexy star.

1. She had her first acting break when she was 17.



Margot Robbie is an Australian actress, and she starts her acting career when she was 17 years old. Before acting, she worked on three jobs to support her family.

2. Her first movie was alongside Rachel McAdams.



3. She loves to surf.

Margot Robbie surfing


She is a very glamorous lady in real life. She loves to surf or chill with animals.

4. After a role in Wolf Of Wall Street, her career skyrocketed.

Margot Robbie in wolf of street


After her role alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf Of Wall Street, her career is going like the skyrocket.

5. She decided to go fully nude for her role in Wolf Of Wall Street.

Margot Robbie bikini in wolf of street


In the sex scene with Leo, she decided to go fully nude because she wants to be seen would seem more realistic.

6. She got drunk to shoot the sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio.



Margot Robbie was very nervous to shoot the sex scene with Leonardo DiCaprio So she takes three shots of tequila that time.

7. She slapped Leonardo DiCaprio during her audition.

Margot Robbie


In her audition for the fight scene, she slapped Leonardo DiCaprio on the face so it would look more real and Leo loved her to improvise.

8. She has also starred with Will Smith in Focus.



9. She also plays a very fantastic role as Jane in The Legend Of Tarzan.



10. She’s competed against Emma Stone for many roles.

Emma Stone


She competes against Emma Stone Including The Legend Of Tarzan and Birdman.

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