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  • You Might Be Unhealthy – Must Read If You Want a Healthy Body

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    Your body continuously sends signs of its well being that you fail to understand. Pain is the most obvious signal that says something is wrong with you. Other than pain, there are some indications given by your body that can be a life-saver for you. If you act appropriately and understand these signals at an appropriate time, then you can save yourself as well as others from some diseases. So, here are some signs that body gives on which you should pay attention to.


    Swollen and bleeding gums are the natural indicators of some severe health problems. If your gums bleed while brushing your teeth, then you might be a victim of gum disease. Gum disease is an indication of some very severe medical disorders such as acidosis etc.


    The pins are responsible for the processing and expulsion of the dead cells out of your body. The color and quality of your nails indicate your health. If your nails are of yellow color and thick, then it indicates the fungal infection. If your nails are brittle, then it indicates that your body is calcium deficient.


    There should not be sudden weight gain or loss. Fluid retention can lead to the sudden increase in pressure thereby causing heart or kidney disorders. A dysfunctional heart can result in the buildup of fluids in feet and lower legs. Weight loss indicates the disturbance of your digestive system and happens when a body is unable to breakdown nutrients.


    The color of your hair and its texture indicates how your health is. The changes are the color of your hair indicates the stress levels in your body. The texture of your hair shows that your body is devoid of the essential nutrients. If your hair is dry and thin, then it might be because of thyroid disorder as well.


    Skin is a very easy indicator of health, but most of the people do not pay attention to the changes in their skin. You should always take some time out to observe the minute changes taking place in your skin after bath. Rashes, dark spots, growths or changes in the colour of skin indicates the bad health of the person.

    Body Odour

    Most of you people ignore body odor but the excessive smell from your body is a sign of infection in your body. You should always inspect your body odor in the morning before taking the bath and consult a skin specialist if you sense robust and nasty smell from your body.

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