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  • You Have 90 Seconds To Solve This Puzzle And I Bet You Can’t


    Hello, Guys I am here with the enjoyable tricky puzzle that will make you crazy. This puzzle is not like another boring number puzzles. It is funky to solve. I am damn sure that 90% people will fail to answer the exact number of squares in this puzzle. So just be prepare to solve this and make your mind ready. Let’s get ready to check this out.

    So let’s test your IQ and also check your eyes!

    Are you ready????


    So here’s your puzzle


    look again because you are wrong with your counting.


    If your counting is finished, then let us start the counting now!!!!!


    If you want to count again, then please go to the top and count again you have your time. Because your counting will be wrong.


    have you got these squares?

    Now 6th and 7th square are not tough to find:


    I think you missed 9th square:


    And now your final square is here:


    So this puzzle has ten squares, is it tough or easy? Please tell us in the comment and also tell how many squares you found in this puzzle. Please share this with your all friends to check their IQ and see how much time they take to solve this puzzle. Stay tuned to BukyFeed for more fun and viral news. Please subscribe us to get all news direct to your inbox.

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  • Psychological Facts That Could Make You Happier

    how to be happy in life

    It is always a great help if you know the inner truths about the processing of your mind because your brain works according to the way you want it to. You can use this knowledge to make your lives happier. Here a few tricks that you might not have paid attention to, that can make your life happier.

    The More Busy You Get, The More Happier You Will Be.

    It is usually observed that people do multitasking things quickly and feel comparatively happier. This is due to the hormone Dopamine. This hormone keeps us happy and this same hormone is responsible for making us productive. So, if you are productive, you get a rush of Dopamine and will become happy.

    You Have To Put More Expectations On Yourself To Perform Well.

    This is true. The more expectations you have, the better you will perform. It happens at a greater pace if some other person expects something out of you. This is called the Pygmalion effect. It makes a person more focused and motivated.

    You Think More Rationally And Logically If You Think In Another Language.

    If you are emotional then you should start thinking in some another language because scientists say that when you think in some other language, you make better decisions. And if you make better decisions then there will be nothing to regret later on in your life.

    You Become More Adorable If You Commit A Blunder.

    Your personality plays a very important role in this. If you are a clumsy person generally, then making a blunder will make you look less attractive leading to you being unhappy. However, if you are an able person then, then making a blunder will make you look attractive resulting in you having lots of friends and making you happy.

    Space Makes You Happy.

    It is observed that astronauts that fly into space feel euphoric because they see Earth from a different angle, without any borders or boundaries. So, they don’t have any reason to be hateful. Now, you know you can always go UP if you feel DOWN!

    Don’t Try To Overextend Your Friend Circle.

    Humans can be friends with only about 150 people and get personal with them be it on Facebook or outside. It meaningful till that number only, anything beyond that is just overextending your social stamina.

    Holding Hands Makes You Feel Better.

    Not only holding hands but cuddling and hugging a person can also make you feel better and make you a more trusting person. And these hugs and cuddles have long term effects on your happiness as well as along with the other people.

    Now you know how to increase the level of happiness in your life. So, go live your life to the fullest and be HAPPY!

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