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  • Different Kinds Of Dresses & What Would Suit You Best – The Ultimate Guide

    fashion ultimate guide

    Apart from the very primal reason to cover your body, clothes have a new meaning now. They have the power to modify the way you look, your personality and so much more. Moreover, a dress that is tailor made for your body type, well that can change a lot about the way you look. From accentuating the right parts of your body to making your body feel comfortable in itself and make you more confident, a perfect dress can make your Cinderella moment happen, even without a knight in shining armor.

    So before you go out, and buy something you will never want to wear again, or something that makes you look unlike your natural self, here’s a short guide to the type of dresses out there and what would suit your body type.


    A full circle skirt that skims over the hips and thighs with a fitted top, skater dresses can make your legs look super fine. It is perfect for those who do not like to show their thighs or have a large lower portion especially thighs.


    A beautiful ruffle attached to the waistline is all you need to flatter that gorgeous body you are the proud possessor of. It very well suits the person who has a perfect Barbie figure and needs to flaunt that sexy figure.


    A sheath dress is usually straightforward and unadorned. It hugs your body and unlike cocktail dresses, almost always falls below the knee. So those who have issues wearing a short dress can go for the sheath dress and look fabulous.


    A shift dress is one of the most comfortable styles out there. Shift dresses have an ill-defined waistline and can flatter virtually any body type. It has no specific body type who can wear it, but it is a must have in closets of all the girls.


    Much like the name suggests, a blouson has a partition on the waist that makes the top of the dress look like a blouse. The lower part that of the skirt is flowy and usually of a close fit. So you can flaunt your dress like a one piece as well as a skirt-blouse combination.


    Any dress with an asymmetric hemline comes under this category. With a high-low hem, these dresses can be worn by anyone and everyone. Just make sure that your dress should fit you perfectly.


    It is a tight-fitting piece of cloth. This dress is made to look like it’s been wrapped around countless times to cover your body. It usually runs criss-cross and is ideal for those who like to flaunt their curves.


    It is a dress that is narrower on the top and flares to the bottom, just like the letter A. If you like them, then you can wear them. However, you just have to be careful about how the waistline clinches.


    It is also known as dungarees. These are making a comeback. Earlier dungarees were just denim attached with a bit but now with its comeback, the denim pants are slowly getting replaced with skirts as well.


    A beautiful off-shoulder dress with sleeves that look like a cape to give you the whole wonder-woman feels. The cape is attached to your dress and falls over your arms in a breathtaking cascade, making you look slimmer.


    It is very similar to a ballet tutu skirt. The lower part of a tulle dress is made of layers of net, giving your lower body a certain girth. Tulle dresses are magical owing to the light, billowy net. Moreover, you look as if a princess wearing that dress.


    This is the most comfortable dress type. A wrap dress is perfect for every occasion. All you have to do is wrap it around your body, and you are ready to go. It is perfect for all the body types and suits all the occasions.

    I hope you have found your fit. However, if you like to wear them all, you can always go ahead nonetheless!

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  • BIZARRE Fashion Trends In The World Right Now – Must Check For Men & Women

    fashion trends

    The world of fashion is constantly evolving and changing at rapid pace. If we go by the history of fashion, we can remember some very iconic and landmark trends that have dominated the world of fashion for decades.

    From Mary Quant popularizing the mini skirt in the 1960’s to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, some fashion trends have been so iconic that they have successfully managed to stand the test of time. However, this does not hold true for all the fashion trends, as is evident by some of the most bizarre fashion trends doing the rounds lately.

    So, here are some fashion trends right now that will make you think why:

    Eye Jewelry.

    Another bizarre fashion trend that makes no sense whatsoever is eye jewelry. This trend started in Netherlands eight years ago and having started there this ‘trend’ makes it possible for precious metal studs to be inserted into one’s eye. Well, yes of course it hurts!!

    The Meggings. (Leggings for men)

    Okay, that is a bit difficult, to begin with. Apart from being an absolute fail of an attempt at copying leggings, Meggings are just not good to look at. They do not even look good at the men for whom they are made.

    The Facekini.

    The sun can be harmful at times. In fact, exposure to the sun for extended period of times can cause sunburns and skin damage. However, the people of China have decided that sunscreen is just too mainstream for them, as evident from this bizarre fashion trend called the facekini. In this, the people opt to wear this face mask to protect their skin.

    Eye Tattoos.

    The people are thinking damaging their retina is more of a trend. If the emerging trend of eye jewelry shocks you, then the trend of eye tattoos in Canada is certain to give you nightmares. Yes, there is a trend of tattoos made in your eye.

    High Waist Jeans.

    The 1990’s called, they want their old trend back! In all seriousness, these high waist jeans are neither appealing to the eyes nor are they fashionable. They are just a reminder of the horror that was 90’s fashion.

    Shutter Shades.

    When the most celebrity is flaunting an apparent ‘fashion trend’ is Kanye West, you know something is horribly wrong. Not because he does not know how to do it right, but shutter shades…a complete NO!! The less said about this painful trend, the better.

    Clothes That Immobilize Arms.

    When it comes to bizarre fashion trends, perhaps nothing tops this one. Dresses and other accessories that IMMOBILIZE YOUR ARMS should not be considered fashionable. Ever. EVER!

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  • Make The Most Of Your Internship – No Matter What Field!

    internship tactics

    So you walked into the office, earlier than the most of the others, but sat through the day fetching coffee or two… moreover, doing nothing else? If this is how your internship is passing, you need to learn how to make the most of it. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the internship.

    Greet People At Work.

    You should always greet the people when they come to work, every morning and when you leave for home. There is no better way than this of making your presence felt at the workplace. When you wish your seniors, they will  take a note of you and respond, as well. This may sound like a very simple thing to do, but remember that manners go a long way.

    Ask For Work Yourself.

    Don’t expect your seniors or authorities just to hand over responsibilities to you. As an intern, you will have to earn them. You can do this by offering to help them out with their little tasks, first. Once they start trusting you with odd jobs, you will be given meaningful tasks as well. However, you have to make sure that you keep asking for them.

    Be Proactive And Offer Help!

    While working as an intern do not restrict yourself to your department only while providing help. When you volunteer to help someone outside of your team and department, you get to learn about how things work in the other departments as well, and this gives you a broader perspective on how the industry life is and how does an industry work.

    Ask Questions.

    Everyone at your workplace knows that you are young and new, and would have many questions. So, it is better to ask questions instead of just assuming stuff and making mistakes. That would just waste everybody’s time and effort. However, also be careful not to disturb people with your questions when they are doing something important.

    Add Everyone On Your LinkedIn.

    Isn’t it true that you are interning at a place because you want to build your professional network? So, instead of sending everyone a friend request on facebook, you should add them on Linkedin. It will add weight to your profile and will benefit you in the long run as well.

    Whatever You Do, Do It Well.

    The first and the foremost thing that anyone will notice when you are given some work is whether you make lots of mistakes that they need to fix. If you make mistakes, people might soon think, “It is faster if I just do it myself.” So every time you write an email or run some numbers, you are auditioning to get more work. Moreover, every spelling or grammatical error or miscalculation is something that will lead people away from asking for your help.

    Ask To Sit In Meetings.

    Everyone knows that as an intern your job is to listen and learn. You are very young to contribute. So, you should sit in these meetings and observe how people act, what they discuss and how they come up with solutions. You can clear your doubts with your mentor later, or do your research about what was discussed.

    Connect With Your Fellow Interns.

    You might feel that your internship is not as much fun. So, connect with people to make your stay interesting. Get to know the other interns. In addition to this knowing interns from different departments will help you learn a lot about how various departments function and who’s who of where.

    Do Not Hesitate To Check FB But Only In Your Free Time.

    You can always check Facebook on your phone, but it does not create a good impression if someone finds you sitting idly on Facebook on an office screen. So make sure that you check your Facebook profile on your office computer only in your free time and such that no one should notice you.

    Dress Well And Be Resourceful.

    There is a saying that, “ The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed”, and it holds very true. If you want to do business, then dress like it and be a resource for your team. You should step up anytime; anyone needs help. You should always remain proactive during the internship period.

    Ask For Letters Of Recommendation When You Leave.

    Don’t just get your stipend and leave, instead, request your mentors to write you letters of recommendation. These are your stepping stones into the professional world, and will count when you are looking for a job. In return make you can leave them meaningful thank you notes. It is a good habit to end things on a good note.

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  • Body Language Tips For Interview

    body language tips for interview

    First times are always special. Be it your first word, first day at school, first day in college – all firsts are special and exciting! However, your first interview, in addition to being particular and exciting, is also bound to make you a little jittery, and that is normal. Apart from all your knowledge and presence of mind, the one thing that will help you in your interview is your body language, and this is one of the biggest interview tips for you. Here are a few tips for your first interview and in this article you will learn how should be your body language while interview questions.

    Remember Dress To Impress!

    There is a very important question, what to wear to an interview and our answer is, There is a quotation saying, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”, and it is correct. The way you dress speaks volumes about your attitude towards the job you are applying for. In addition to it if you are dressed well, you automatically feel better about yourself and more confident – and that automatically shows in the way you carry yourself.

    Always Walk Tall

    Your interview begins the minute you enter the room, and that ten-second walk that you take from the door to your seat in front of the panel or the interviewer will have an enormous impact on how your interview progresses. So, you should always walk tall with your shoulders back, take small steps. Don’t be in a hurry to get to your seat and always look ahead.

    Make A Firm Handshake

    A firm handshake signifies confidence and a loose handshake makes you appear nervous and lacking conviction. This also does not mean that you have to squish the interviewer’s hand. You should make sure your handshake is firm and that you interlock your hand properly with them and don’t just hold their fingers!

    Sit Back Erect

    You will most probably be made to sit on a chair with a backrest. So, you should sit all the way back and rest your back firmly on the back support. You should make sure that you do not slouch, but you should keep your body in comfort so that you do not look too stiff and uncomfortable.

    Keep Your Feet Flat On The Ground

    Keeping both your feet flat on the ground is considered an ideal position for an interview. However, if that position makes you uncomfortable, then you may cross your feet at your ankles. However, remember not to tap your feet or shift your legs too much – it will give away your nervousness which is not a good idea!

    Keep Your Hands On The Table

    You should keep your hands one above the other, loosely and do not clench them.Keep them either on your lap or if there is a table in front of you, you may use that. Remember not to fiddle with your fingers, rings, watch or any other ornaments that you might be wearing on your wrist.

    God To Show Acknowledgment

    Always remember to nod slightly to convey that you are attentive and alert to what the panel/ interviewer is talking to you about. The node should not be a vigorous nod, nor should it be a very nervous half-hearted nod. Be confident and it will automatically reflect in the way you represent yourself.

    Do Not Use Much Hand Gestures

    It is natural to use hand gestures when you talk. In fact, if you do not use them at all, it will make you look stiff and jittery. However, overdoing hand gestures is also not a good idea. It depicts that you are unable to convince about what you are saying. Make sure you are not rushed in your speech and gestures and that your hands do not cover your face.

    Keep Control Over Your Volume

    Keep your volume under control. If you are inaudible, it will irritate your panel/ interviewer because they will have to ask you to repeat your answers over and over again. Moreover, if you are too loud it gives the impression that you are overconfident, so find the perfect balance depending on the distance between you and the interviewer. Keep your pitch and volume neutral.

    Keep Your Chin Up And Smile

    Smiling indicates that you are at ease with the interview, confident and well prepared. In some interviews, the panel/ interviewer may deliberately try to build stress or frustrate you to see how well you can handle pressure situations. So it is important that you stay calm and keep a subtle smile on your face during the process of the interview. Also, do not look down while answering or listening as it shows disinterest and lack of preparation.

    Greet Before You Leave

    Do remember to greet the interviewer or panel before you leave. A simple “Thank you” or “It was a pleasure talking to you” – accompanied by a firm handshake – will suffice. Walk out of the room confidently, and remember that your interview is not over until the time you are out of the chamber.

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  • Website That Are Must Check For Internships

    websites for internship

    We all have struggled to find an entirely awesome internship for ourselves st some point or the other. We all know that if you land up doing the right kind of internship, you can learn a whole lot before you set foot in the hardcore professional world! So, here is a list of websites that will help you choose what’s best for you from a truckload of options!


    This site is an absolute treasure and helpful. It offers a treasure box full of internships in almost all the cities and categories. So whether you are looking for a designing internship or a technical internship, you will find all of it at


    This website is also an extremely useful and well-equipped website. It offers a multitude of interesting internships. You can find the best company that is suitable for you based on your skill, interest or the city you want to intern in. You can find all of it at


    Glassdoor is also excellent. It provides options for jobs and internships both. People here even have the possibility of (privately) posting their designation and salaries on the portal, which can help you compare your offer with that of others. You can check it out at

    Hello Intern

    It is not just a stylish name – this website has and provides many opportunities for people who are just starting out. You can choose yourself whether you want to intern with the big companies or startups or even non-profit organizations. You can see it at


    Twenty19 is a website that apart from offering internships in various fields, also provides the details of the courses that you can take up and contests that you can participate in based on your skills and interests. You can visit it at


    Yes, it is true, this has internships as well. So, before you start hunting for internships, make sure you create/update your LinkedIn profile. Not only this will find you many internships, but a lot of potential employers will also be able to see your details, and that might open up many avenues for you. Try it at


    This is among the best startup networks that you will find online. If you are aspiring to intern with a startup, then this is a good option. Many startups keep coming up with multiple openings in different fields. Create a profile, and then you can pick what you like. Create it at

    Indian Internship

    Engineering, management, science, pharma, finance or commerce – whatever field you are seeking an internship in, this website offers you internships in every field. So, you should pay this site a visit at

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