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  • OMG This Video Song Gained 2,623,938,533 Views On YouTube – Must Check Out The Video Here

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    It’s a large number what do you think? I was shocked when I saw this. I was like WTF, is it real. This video is on the top, on youtube. And it had gained 2,623,938,533 Views on youtube. What do you think now? Can you guess about the video, so let’s reveal, it’s a song that we have already listen many times. It’s Gangnam Style by PSY. So I don’t know how to believe, that a video song can earn 2,623,938,533 Views, but it is true, you have to check it out. The song was released on July 15, 2012, and then boom, On December 21, 2012, Gangnam Style became the first YouTube video that reaches one billion views. The song has been viewed over 2.61 billion times on YouTube and has been YouTube’s most watched video since November 2012, when it surpassed the music video for “Baby” by Justin Bieber. So I have no more to say about this video, the song was amazing you have to check it out now. I am giving a direct link by which you can easily watch this amazing video if you didn’t watch this till now, and if you already watched this video, then watch it again and be the part of YouTube’s most viral video ever.

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  • 14 Rare Pictures in the world You Have Never Seen Before – Must Check For All


    You saw many pictures and images of this world, nature, and animals. The world is full of some picturesque scenes, breathtaking views and some amazing natural phenomena and some pictures will be unbelievable. But I am damn sure you have never seen some pictures, So I am here with some amazing and unique photos. Let’s take a look at 14 rare pictures in the world.

    1. The Flying Fish

    A flying fish


    2. A Patch of Grass After Getting Struck by Lightning

    A patch of grass after getting struck by lightning


    3. Albino Crocodile

    Albino Crocodile


    4. Ammolite Rarest Gemstone on Earth

    Ammolite rarest gemstone


    5. The Corpse Plant



    6. Wulong Karst, The Heart of China

    Wulong Karst, The heart of China


    7. The Atlantic Ocean Road Over Norway

    Atlantic Ocean road over Norway


    8. Belize Blue Hole

    Belize Blue Hole


    9. Icy Water from Above

    Icy water from above


    10. Inside a Kangaroo’s Pouch

    Inside a Kangaroo's puch


    11. Monkey Orchid Flower

    monkey orchid


    12. Nature Phenomenon In The Southern Valtola Savoni

    nature phenomenon in the southern Valtola Savoni


    13. Rare Natural Phenomena with Water and Stars

    Rare Natural Phenomena with water and stars


    14. Rare Orchid Mantis

    rare orchid mantis


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  • 15 Adorable Smiling Animals Which Will Definitely Make Your day More Colourful

    cute smile animal

    Sometimes a smile can make your day happier and when any animal smile at you then you can’t forget this smile ever because this smile will be heart warming. And these charming smiles can hack your heart and force you to fall in love with them. Check out some most cutest animals images ever.

    Wanna love me!!!!

    cute smile dog


    Look my teeth……

    cute smile animal


    Spoilt kid!

    cute smile animal


    Great happiness….

    Animal Smile Five SIZE


    Am I cute??



    Happiness just like that!



    I don’t want to grow up!



    I am innocent!



    My smile will make you smile!



    HAHAHAHA I am a Loin!!!!!!



    I can wink and smile at once!



    I can’t stop laughing!



    I have been asked to smile!






    I love jumping…..



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  • Cool Websites That Can Brighten Your Mood Instantly – Must Visit For Everyone

    cool website

    Everyone is so much engrossed in their routine tasks that things often seem to be monotonous and gloomy. After watching all the crisis, wars, and other issues, it seems that nothing is good in this world.

    If you have also been bored up with your routine life and are fed up of this crisis and all, then you can take help from the internet to pass your time and relax. Apart from the usual websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are lots of other sites that will make you addictive to them.

    Here is a compilation of such website:-

    Solve the Riddle!

    This is one of the coolest and most interesting website that will help you kill your time constructively. This has got an amazing number of puzzles that are going to spin your head. All you need to be is sharp minded and have the interest to solve the riddles and puzzles. The puzzles have got levels as well that will keep you engaged.

    Honest Slogans

    As it is already clear by the name of this website, this website is the compilation of hundreds of brands and their slogans in a redesigned form. These brands specified in the web site prepare their strategies to promote their slogans indirectly promoting their brand. So get yourself charged by visiting this website.

    A Soft Murmur

    This is for all those people who love to work in a peaceful place and cannot work in a crowded place. In this web site all, you have to do is get your headphones on and select the kind of sound you want to work in like rain, winds, birds chirping, and lots of other pleasant and soothing music. You can choose the intensity as well.

    Time’s Timelapse

    People often wonder how humans have evolved, how they have changed over time. This website provides you access to the pictures that were captured on the satellite that will give you a clear view of how actually the time has changed. It shows the pictures of the last three decades.

    World CAM

    It is one of the best websites that lets you have a look all around the world. It allows you to search geotagged pictures from Instagram. You just have to enter the location, and you will get all the recent photos that were clicked near the address that you have mentioned. It is a must visit website before you plan to go to a new place on vacation.

    Faces Of Facebook

    We all know that Facebook has more than 1.2 billion users. But what if you get to see the faces of all those 1.2 billion users at a single place? Yes, this website is loaded with faces of all the users of Facebook. And guess whose face comes first… Of course, it is the facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg.

    This website is for those who love to play with music. This website is wonderful to mix and match audios and videos from different platforms. All you have to do is to add the source file of the audio or the video you want to mix and then you can mix them very easily using the tools that are provided on this website.


    BuzzFeed has grown into one of the most popular article sites. This site provides you with the interesting and informative items that use gifs and other trolls. Along with the informative articles, this site publishes humorous and funny articles as well.


    This site is one of the very favorite websites and is a must visit by all the people who use the internet. It offers a compilation of interesting and very informative articles. This site has been advertised as “America’s only Humour Site.” You should surely visit this website once for the humor.

    The Oatmeal

    This site is an internet comic site. It is one of the coolest among the webcomic sites. It targets all the trending events and product launches. If anyone is interested in learning simple languages and reading beautiful comics, then this is a must visit website.


    If you want to have some pure fun on the internet, then you should visit this site. Here you will get thousands, and hundreds of funny and animated gifs and your stomach will surely pain of laughing after watching them.


    This is one of the most popular and a must visit websites. It gives you unlimited access to the most played and famous songs of the movies. It has a record of all the amazing songs that anyone wants to hear.

    Pixel Thoughts

    It is a website that will make you relaxed. Visit this site and you can meditate for 60 seconds. Just enter the thought that is bothering you and watch it slowly walking away from your life in a jiffy!

    This Is Why I’m Broke

    This is the coolest shopping website. Here you will get to browse funky and unique gifts to give to your friends and family. Some of the products that you will get here are LED Faucet and credit card sized toolkits etc.

    1,00,000 Stars

    This website will tell us how mere a part of the universe we are. It will tell us how tiny part are we of the universe. It is a must visit website to sit and relax.

    Viral Nova

    It is a platform that shares all the articles that are going viral on all the other social platforms. It is inclined more on fun rather than content. The articles here are mostly based on images and gifs.

    A Good Movie To Watch

    It is very much true that a good movie is very hard to find. This website is for all those movie buffs out there who find nothing exciting to watch. This site stumbles upon the best films and recommends you to watch those movies.

    Eat This Much

    This website is for all those calorie conscious people and the fitness freaks. You just have to enter your diet plan and after that, this site will guide you onwards. You will get a list of the grocery items and the diet you need to follow

    Dear Photograph

    It has a fascinating tagline ” Take a Picture of the Picture from the Past in the Present.” This might sound complicated and confuse you, but it is very simple. This website gives an image of the photograph taken from the same address in the past.


    This website offers you something that you cannot picture in your mind. It provides you with animated gifs of how a car, engine or a camera works.


    This website is a compilation of all the funny things on Facebook and brings out all the awful and embarrassing moments of people on other social networks. This super cool and funny website will surely keep you engaged ad kill your time.

    Is It Normal?

    All the people are very dubious when it comes to the matters that are related to us. This website lets people randomly ask questions and get answers from the others to know their thinking and perceptions regarding how they look at things.

    Project Alexandria

    This is a website for a Bibliophilist. This site is for all the book lovers and book worms. All you have to do is just enter the book title or the name of the author, and you will get five recommendations based on the books identical to your book.

    Sneeze The Dragon

    This website is for purely killing your time. You just have to click the dragons to make them sneeze out the fire as many times as you want. This excellent website depicts the combination of Javascript and Ruby on Rails through a dragon.

    Madeon Adventure Machine

    This is a very cool site for all the music lovers. Just in a few clicks, this website creates pleasing Electronic Beat tracks. It is a must visit website as it is a part of a 21-year-old Electronic music producer from France.

    Rich Kids Of Instagram

    It is a very cool site. Everyone who is born and raised in a middle-class family wonder how do children of wealthy people and elite class live their life. Well, now you can get to know it. This website allows you to jump into their life and see how these youngsters splurge their parent’s money.


    This is the most happening site of them all. Do visit the website once. It offers you lots of funny, entertaining and informative articles to choose and read from.

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