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  • A New Avtar Of Alia Bhatt, She Reveal Her New Talent In This Video – You Will Shock After Watching This

    alia bhatt tip tip barsa pani performance

    Alia Bhatt is a heartthrob Bollywood actress who always comes with something new on Social media for her fans and this time she did the same for Social media fans on Twitter. Alia Bhatt loves Bollywood item numbers since she starts understand what Bollywood is. This time, Alia choose Old Bollywood item number “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” song to perform like Ravina Tandon in Mohra.

    Why Alia Choose This Song To Perform?

    Alia Bhatt is a big fan of Akshay Kumar in Bollywood, and she wants to promote recently released a movie called “Rustom” which is based on Naval officer of Indian Navy, and Akshay Kumar performs the lead role in Rustom movie and As a big fan alia uses her Twitter account to promote Akshay Kumar’s movie.

    Alia Bhatt shoots a short item number of Tip Tip Barsa Pani, and in the last; she reveals her motive to shoot that video. She looks like smoky hot in this video, and I can bet you will love it, so you should watch this right now. I am adding the official video of Alia’s song below in this post, do check out and share your views in the comment section below.

    Before Posting Video, Alia Bhatt Post This Picture For Her Fans, So They Will As Much Excited As She Is:

    Here’s Her Hot Performance:

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  • OMG This Video Song Gained 2,623,938,533 Views On YouTube – Must Check Out The Video Here

    OMG images

    It’s a large number what do you think? I was shocked when I saw this. I was like WTF, is it real. This video is on the top, on youtube. And it had gained 2,623,938,533 Views on youtube. What do you think now? Can you guess about the video, so let’s reveal, it’s a song that we have already listen many times. It’s Gangnam Style by PSY. So I don’t know how to believe, that a video song can earn 2,623,938,533 Views, but it is true, you have to check it out. The song was released on July 15, 2012, and then boom, On December 21, 2012, Gangnam Style became the first YouTube video that reaches one billion views. The song has been viewed over 2.61 billion times on YouTube and has been YouTube’s most watched video since November 2012, when it surpassed the music video for “Baby” by Justin Bieber. So I have no more to say about this video, the song was amazing you have to check it out now. I am giving a direct link by which you can easily watch this amazing video if you didn’t watch this till now, and if you already watched this video, then watch it again and be the part of YouTube’s most viral video ever.

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  • 14 Rare Pictures in the world You Have Never Seen Before – Must Check For All


    You saw many pictures and images of this world, nature, and animals. The world is full of some picturesque scenes, breathtaking views and some amazing natural phenomena and some pictures will be unbelievable. But I am damn sure you have never seen some pictures, So I am here with some amazing and unique photos. Let’s take a look at 14 rare pictures in the world.

    1. The Flying Fish

    A flying fish


    2. A Patch of Grass After Getting Struck by Lightning

    A patch of grass after getting struck by lightning


    3. Albino Crocodile

    Albino Crocodile


    4. Ammolite Rarest Gemstone on Earth

    Ammolite rarest gemstone


    5. The Corpse Plant



    6. Wulong Karst, The Heart of China

    Wulong Karst, The heart of China


    7. The Atlantic Ocean Road Over Norway

    Atlantic Ocean road over Norway


    8. Belize Blue Hole

    Belize Blue Hole


    9. Icy Water from Above

    Icy water from above


    10. Inside a Kangaroo’s Pouch

    Inside a Kangaroo's puch


    11. Monkey Orchid Flower

    monkey orchid


    12. Nature Phenomenon In The Southern Valtola Savoni

    nature phenomenon in the southern Valtola Savoni


    13. Rare Natural Phenomena with Water and Stars

    Rare Natural Phenomena with water and stars


    14. Rare Orchid Mantis

    rare orchid mantis


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  • BIZARRE Fashion Trends In The World Right Now – Must Check For Men & Women

    fashion trends

    The world of fashion is constantly evolving and changing at rapid pace. If we go by the history of fashion, we can remember some very iconic and landmark trends that have dominated the world of fashion for decades.

    From Mary Quant popularizing the mini skirt in the 1960’s to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, some fashion trends have been so iconic that they have successfully managed to stand the test of time. However, this does not hold true for all the fashion trends, as is evident by some of the most bizarre fashion trends doing the rounds lately.

    So, here are some fashion trends right now that will make you think why:

    Eye Jewelry.

    Another bizarre fashion trend that makes no sense whatsoever is eye jewelry. This trend started in Netherlands eight years ago and having started there this ‘trend’ makes it possible for precious metal studs to be inserted into one’s eye. Well, yes of course it hurts!!

    The Meggings. (Leggings for men)

    Okay, that is a bit difficult, to begin with. Apart from being an absolute fail of an attempt at copying leggings, Meggings are just not good to look at. They do not even look good at the men for whom they are made.

    The Facekini.

    The sun can be harmful at times. In fact, exposure to the sun for extended period of times can cause sunburns and skin damage. However, the people of China have decided that sunscreen is just too mainstream for them, as evident from this bizarre fashion trend called the facekini. In this, the people opt to wear this face mask to protect their skin.

    Eye Tattoos.

    The people are thinking damaging their retina is more of a trend. If the emerging trend of eye jewelry shocks you, then the trend of eye tattoos in Canada is certain to give you nightmares. Yes, there is a trend of tattoos made in your eye.

    High Waist Jeans.

    The 1990’s called, they want their old trend back! In all seriousness, these high waist jeans are neither appealing to the eyes nor are they fashionable. They are just a reminder of the horror that was 90’s fashion.

    Shutter Shades.

    When the most celebrity is flaunting an apparent ‘fashion trend’ is Kanye West, you know something is horribly wrong. Not because he does not know how to do it right, but shutter shades…a complete NO!! The less said about this painful trend, the better.

    Clothes That Immobilize Arms.

    When it comes to bizarre fashion trends, perhaps nothing tops this one. Dresses and other accessories that IMMOBILIZE YOUR ARMS should not be considered fashionable. Ever. EVER!

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  • Website That Are Must Check For Internships

    websites for internship

    We all have struggled to find an entirely awesome internship for ourselves st some point or the other. We all know that if you land up doing the right kind of internship, you can learn a whole lot before you set foot in the hardcore professional world! So, here is a list of websites that will help you choose what’s best for you from a truckload of options!


    This site is an absolute treasure and helpful. It offers a treasure box full of internships in almost all the cities and categories. So whether you are looking for a designing internship or a technical internship, you will find all of it at


    This website is also an extremely useful and well-equipped website. It offers a multitude of interesting internships. You can find the best company that is suitable for you based on your skill, interest or the city you want to intern in. You can find all of it at


    Glassdoor is also excellent. It provides options for jobs and internships both. People here even have the possibility of (privately) posting their designation and salaries on the portal, which can help you compare your offer with that of others. You can check it out at

    Hello Intern

    It is not just a stylish name – this website has and provides many opportunities for people who are just starting out. You can choose yourself whether you want to intern with the big companies or startups or even non-profit organizations. You can see it at


    Twenty19 is a website that apart from offering internships in various fields, also provides the details of the courses that you can take up and contests that you can participate in based on your skills and interests. You can visit it at


    Yes, it is true, this has internships as well. So, before you start hunting for internships, make sure you create/update your LinkedIn profile. Not only this will find you many internships, but a lot of potential employers will also be able to see your details, and that might open up many avenues for you. Try it at


    This is among the best startup networks that you will find online. If you are aspiring to intern with a startup, then this is a good option. Many startups keep coming up with multiple openings in different fields. Create a profile, and then you can pick what you like. Create it at

    Indian Internship

    Engineering, management, science, pharma, finance or commerce – whatever field you are seeking an internship in, this website offers you internships in every field. So, you should pay this site a visit at

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