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  • Your Dream Girl Must Have These Qualities – Must Read For All Guys

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    They say- Marriages are made in heaven. Though we don’t know how the heaven looks like and where does the God reside and decide who our soulmate should be, but, if you are lucky enough to marry the right person, the heaven will be created right there in your house, and in your soul. You will be happy forever.

    So, here we provide you with some qualities that you should be present in your partner to tell you that she is the one to be your life.

    She Must Be Beautiful.

    Here, by ‘beautiful’ I don’t just mean the physical appearance but the inner beauty as well. Yes, it is true that physical looks do matter to have some physical attraction but to maintain a healthy and strong bonding don’t ignore the inner qualities such as honesty, trustworthy, politeness etc.

    She Must Be Caring.

    Who doesn’t love to be taken care of? Everyone does love it. If your girlfriend loves and takes care of your parents and siblings as well then she is perfect for you. She will prove to be a good daughter to your parents and a brilliant mother to your children.

    She Must Be Realistic.

    Most girls dream of a Prince Charming riding on a white horse. But an ideal girl is the one who is realistic and understands that no one is perfect. Marriage is about accepting each other’s flaws and making a perfect relationship. Imperfections are a part of human life.

    She Brings Out The Best In You.

    You know your flaws and imperfections the best but if just by being with her you feel motivated, a positive transformation takes place within you and you become a better person then she is definitely the one for you.

    She Must Be Your Best Friend.

    Your best friend knows everything about you. If she is your best friend then she knows all about your likes, dislikes, what makes you happy, how to make you smile, what to expect from you etc. So marrying her can prove to be one of the best decisions of your life.

    She Must Be Supportive.

    There is a saying, ” There is a woman behind every successful man.” This is true because what matters is the effect of the person who trusts you, supports you, have full faith in you and motivates you. If she supports you always and believes in your goals then no one else deserves to be your soulmate other than her.

    She Must Loves You A lot.

    If she loves you as you are and accepts you with all your flaws, in other words, accepts the “real” you then you are a very lucky person. You have got your soulmate. You should marry her right now!!!!

    A woman has the power to make everything heavenly but at the same time, she can destroy everything too. So make very sure that you choose the right person to be your life partner. But before looking qualities in her, introspect if you also have the qualities to be a good husband.

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  • How To Impress Any Girl “Tested Ways Must Read For Singles”

    how to impress a girl

    Are you single? If your answer is YES, then don’t be worry today I am going to share something interesting for singles, that can change your life single to mingle. So, folks what do think, I mean what do you think? That how to impress the girl, what to do to get a GF, I know everyone has his experience maybe it can be bad or good but if your experience is bad to impress the girl. Then don’t worry today I am sharing something very interesting that you have to check out.

    1 – Always Be Honest About The Girl That You Want Or Love

    So folks this one of the most important thing that you have to follow if you love someone, and you need her. Then be honest with her, always speak honestly, never hide anything. Otherwise, you may lose her trust, and I am damn sure if you love her then you never want to break her trust. So just gain her trust and be ready to see the magic.

    2 – Try To Become Her Habit

    I am not saying that she will start loving you and come to you. But you have to do something to make her addicted to you, if you will succeed to do this, then you will getting close to her, and then be continue and be ready to ask her, “can I call you mine.” But the thing is, you have to continue with your efforts till she will be yours.

    3 – Make Her Confident That You Will Never Go Away

    Every girl needs some promises, just like I am always with you, I will never leave you, I am always with you in every condition or at any cost, and if you are making these promises then be sure that you will never break them, otherwise don’t try to make any promise, and don’t break her heart, don’t make her cry. If you are making these promises, then obey them.

    4 – Care Her And Respect Her

    Folks if you want to gain her trust and love, then you have to care her, and respect her, try to make her smile and happy because she matters to you. Then it’s not a big deal that you can do anything for her, she never wants anything else, she just needs your love, respect, and care from you. Just treat her like a sweet kid, then her heart will be melt and will be yours.

    5 – Do Something Special For Her And Make Her Special

    Girls always love surprises and to be loved, then you have to make her special by your efforts. So you have to do something special for her that can feel her special. If you succeed to gain her trust, then be ready I m sure that she will be yours, and you both will be happy.

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  • Things To Remember While Dating A Girl Who Loves To Be Single

    girls on date

    There are some girls who you usually date. They always have someone by their side and if by chance they don’t have someone then they are in search of that someone. Then, there is this another set of girls who don’t date. They love to be single. Here are some points that you should keep in mind before dating that constantly single girl.

    She Needs A Guy Not To Complete Her, But To Empower Her.

    She is already complete without anyone. She needs you to inspire her and make her the best that she could be. She wants you to encourage her.

    She Loves Her Space And Her Alone Time.

    She doesn’t mind being alone at all. In fact, she loves to spend some time by herself. She completely gets the idea of riding solo!

    She, For Sure, Is Not Needy.

    She knows how she is and what she is. She doesn’t need a guy to make her feel good. She won’t pester you for updates about your whereabouts and your company.

    She Is Extremely Strong.

    She has been through everything, the best friend breakups, mood swings and everything else and that too without having a boyfriend to talk to about it.

    She Likes Being Self-Sufficed.

    She is not egoistic. She just wants to pay for herself, and she likes splitting the bills. This is just because she has been living like that all way long.

    She Respects Your Privacy.

    You don’t need to tell her about every text you have sent. She trusts you and understands that everyone needs their own space.

    She Wants To Be With Someone Though She Might Not Show It.

    She does have the desire of having someone with her, by her side, holding her tight. She is just waiting for the right one!

    She Will Be The Best And Most Probably The Last You Could Ever Have If You Treat Her Right.

    She knows her worth well enough. She won’t fall easily for you, so you better know how to treat her. Because she is worth it all.

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  • The Most Muted Emotions In The Love And Relationship – Must Read For Love Birds

    muted emotions

    “Emotions,” I think we listen to this word a lot of time in our lives, but what do you think about it. According to me, it’s not only a word, it’s a feeling, it’s the world, it is LOVE. Then as a human being, we have a kind heart which is full of feelings and love and our words are the way to express those feelings and emotions, but I saw some relationships ends due to the some most “Muted Emotions.” Then what are these muted emotions, do you know? If I want to talk about me, then I saw some relationships in which I saw some most muted emotions. So my dear readers today I am sharing the most muted emotions of a relationship or love.

    1 – How Much I Love You, You May Never Know

    This is one of the most common muted emotion in any relationship because sometimes we are unable to show or express our love to our love bird. But I think that we have to share, and we have to tell him/her everything that what we feel about her/him, that what we want from her and how much we love her/him.

    2 – Is It A Serious Relationship Or Just Like A Time Pass Only

    Sometimes I saw in many relationships that one person think that he or she is not serious for me as serious as I am, then in this situation, we have to clarify everything as soon as possible. Because if our partner is not serious for us then our life going to become like a bloody hell. Then it is the most common muted feeling and most common mistake a lot of teenagers are doing, they never asked or clarify to their partner that is he/she is serious for them or not? Because the time pass is not good for any relationship. You have your own charming personality then why you are becoming a time pass for him/her.

    3 – I Can’t Express Myself To Her/Him

    This is the most common muted emotion, I can’t say her, I can’t show her, I can’t, I can’t, I think it’s not right. Are you in love? If your answer is YES then I think you have to go and tell her everything otherwise how she can take any step, I am not saying that you will get the success to get her but maybe she also loves you and waiting for you. Then folks you have to go and tell her everything that what do you feel about her, and how much you love her. Because if you really love her, then she has no idea that how much you love her.

    4 – I Need My Liberty, Can You Give Me

    This one is the biggest mistakes or muted emotion in a relationship sometimes I saw some couples, in which one person lost her/his liberty, why? Because his/her partner asks him/her for everything, where are you, where are you going, who’s with you, don’t wear this color or dress, don’t eat this, WTF! are you getting mad. You are in a relationship, or you are a prisoner? I don’t want to judge you and your relationship but, I want to ask you that, where are you, where is your personality, where is your identity, my friend love is about feelings and trusts, not obey anyone’s decisions or orders.

    5 – I Have Some Issues, Have You Ever Said This To Your Partner?

    Many relationships ends due to some nonsense reasons, because if they have any issue they never try to remove those issues, and the result that small problems will become a reason of the end of their relationship, then I want to say that if you have any issue or problem then you have to say that to your partner and make them fixed. I am damn sure your relationship will run smoothly, and you will be happy with each other.

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