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  • Most Dumbest Selfies Ever On The Internet – You Will Shock For Sure

    shark kill the man

    Selfies! what do you think about this word? we have seen a lots of selfies on the social media and I am sure you are also addicted to taking selfies time to time. But today let’s check out some of the dumbest selfies ever which is still viral on Internet and on Social media. I am damn sure after that you will say WTF!!.

    Let Her Free To Take Selfie



    Gender Changed!! :p





    Are You Feeding Your Body Or What?



    I Am Speechless Now



    Shaving Full Body



    Food! Let’s have a Bite

    maxresdefault (1)


    Mona Lisa Also In The List



    I am Calling The Cop Now



    I Think Someone Broke Your Face Because Of These Kind Of Selfies



    Hey Girls Give Him Time To Shut The Door



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  • This Korean Bodybuilder Going Crazy On The Internet – Find Out Why


    You saw many cute, hot, sexy and beautiful women in the world. But today I am going to show you something different. Who developing her body like bodybuilders and proving that women are not behind the man. Women can do anything like mans. So today I am going to show you all a South Korean female bodybuilder. Yeon Woo Jhi is one of the most muscular women in the world. She is a bodybuilder in IFBB PRO South Korea. She also won the competition of Arnold Classic Europe 2013 Women’s Physique.

    let’s check out some pictures of Yeon Woo Jhi.

    Is It Real or Fake? OMG What A Physique



    She can easily defeat men in bodybuilding because many people have not the physique like her, and it is the result of hard work and dedication on body building.

    She Is A Celebrity In South Korea



    Yeon Woo Jhi has won several bodybuilding competitions and she is a celebrity in her country. She has 20k-30k followers on Instagram and Facebook and you should follow right now.



    She is now trying hard to compete with other female bodybuilders around the world, and we wish her good luck, so her hard work pays her back with the gold trophy in every championship.

    She Is Breaking Records And Rules



    You can check many female bodybuilders around the world because bodybuilding is recognized sport in Europe and North America but in Asia, it is just starting and start growing for women’s bodybuilding.

    Perfect Combination Of Strong Body & Cute Face



    Yeon Woo Jhi has the perfect combination. She has a muscular body and beautiful face with a beautiful smile.

    We Can Bet, After Watching Her Pictures Your Face Look Like This.


    Featured IimageCourtesyy: via

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  • Internet Is Eating Our Lives – Is It True

    internet is eating our lives

    This is 2016 my friends and we are getting addicted to the internet. The Internet is getting a most important part of our lives, then is it true or not? So folks today I am here to talk about this important topic, that the internet is eating our lives is it true or not? So, guys, I have a question to you that what do you think about this topic, but we are teenagers we always said no. Because we all are getting addicted to Facebook, WhatsApp and all. So guys let’s talk about this important topic.

    1 – Facebook And Whatsapp Took The Place Of Cricket And Basketball

    Yeah, I can remember when I was a kid I played cricket, basketball, and football all the free times. But today I saw that besides teenagers all the kids are also getting to addicted to internet related stuff, they spending their time on Whatsapp and Facebook. So I think it is bad for us because we are growing mentally but what about our physical growth, then I am not saying that the internet is bad for you, you should focus on physical activities also..

    2 – Meetings Changes Into Chat

    When if was in my childhood, I had time to met my friends on the daily basis, in fact, every day. But at the same time, I want to talk about our current life that today we all depend on chat and all, and we think that why we have to go when we can talk with them by chat. But I want to ask to all of you, is it enough that why have to meet when we are talking with them by chat. I think it’s not right; we have to meet our friends and mates personally.

    3 – YouTube Took The Place Of Drama And Television

    I think everybody can remember that some years ago approx 8-10 years ago we have a way to entertained ourselves, and that is television and drama, live shows, circus and all. But today we are getting addicted to YouTube to check out any video or any shows. Is it right our tradition and culture getting old and hidden by ourselves or we are at the stage to forget our culture or tradition?

    4 – We Have No Time For Our Family Because Of The Internet

    Did you remember last time when you have eaten your food with your family? I think no. It’s not your fault, but the thing is you are getting too much addicted to all the internet things, but why I have said only you, as a blogger, I am also consuming my all time on the internet. Then I think we have to reserve some time to our family because they are the best, sweetest and most important part of our lives.

    5 – No High Security For Kids, Which Is Bad For Them

    On the internet we have no high security for kids, that can make them banned to check out the irrelevant things which are harmful to them. There is only one security question that is, Are you 18+? And it’s over. What do you think is it enough. I think it is bad for the kids. Then decisions will be yours. So now what do you think? The Internet is eating our lives Is it true or not.

    So folks you read this article I need your feedback and suggestions about this article and this question, I had put my views on it. I know the internet is the world and it necessary for us. It is the world of knowledge we can check a lot of things here. But I am just want to know your opinion about this topic. Then comment your opinion below in the comment section that what do you think about this article and this topic. Do share your own stories and self made articles with us we will review and publish that on BukyFeed with your name.