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  • BIZARRE Fashion Trends In The World Right Now – Must Check For Men & Women

    fashion trends

    The world of fashion is constantly evolving and changing at rapid pace. If we go by the history of fashion, we can remember some very iconic and landmark trends that have dominated the world of fashion for decades.

    From Mary Quant popularizing the mini skirt in the 1960’s to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, some fashion trends have been so iconic that they have successfully managed to stand the test of time. However, this does not hold true for all the fashion trends, as is evident by some of the most bizarre fashion trends doing the rounds lately.

    So, here are some fashion trends right now that will make you think why:

    Eye Jewelry.

    Another bizarre fashion trend that makes no sense whatsoever is eye jewelry. This trend started in Netherlands eight years ago and having started there this ‘trend’ makes it possible for precious metal studs to be inserted into one’s eye. Well, yes of course it hurts!!

    The Meggings. (Leggings for men)

    Okay, that is a bit difficult, to begin with. Apart from being an absolute fail of an attempt at copying leggings, Meggings are just not good to look at. They do not even look good at the men for whom they are made.

    The Facekini.

    The sun can be harmful at times. In fact, exposure to the sun for extended period of times can cause sunburns and skin damage. However, the people of China have decided that sunscreen is just too mainstream for them, as evident from this bizarre fashion trend called the facekini. In this, the people opt to wear this face mask to protect their skin.

    Eye Tattoos.

    The people are thinking damaging their retina is more of a trend. If the emerging trend of eye jewelry shocks you, then the trend of eye tattoos in Canada is certain to give you nightmares. Yes, there is a trend of tattoos made in your eye.

    High Waist Jeans.

    The 1990’s called, they want their old trend back! In all seriousness, these high waist jeans are neither appealing to the eyes nor are they fashionable. They are just a reminder of the horror that was 90’s fashion.

    Shutter Shades.

    When the most celebrity is flaunting an apparent ‘fashion trend’ is Kanye West, you know something is horribly wrong. Not because he does not know how to do it right, but shutter shades…a complete NO!! The less said about this painful trend, the better.

    Clothes That Immobilize Arms.

    When it comes to bizarre fashion trends, perhaps nothing tops this one. Dresses and other accessories that IMMOBILIZE YOUR ARMS should not be considered fashionable. Ever. EVER!

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  • Make The Most Of Your Internship – No Matter What Field!

    internship tactics

    So you walked into the office, earlier than the most of the others, but sat through the day fetching coffee or two… moreover, doing nothing else? If this is how your internship is passing, you need to learn how to make the most of it. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the internship.

    Greet People At Work.

    You should always greet the people when they come to work, every morning and when you leave for home. There is no better way than this of making your presence felt at the workplace. When you wish your seniors, they will  take a note of you and respond, as well. This may sound like a very simple thing to do, but remember that manners go a long way.

    Ask For Work Yourself.

    Don’t expect your seniors or authorities just to hand over responsibilities to you. As an intern, you will have to earn them. You can do this by offering to help them out with their little tasks, first. Once they start trusting you with odd jobs, you will be given meaningful tasks as well. However, you have to make sure that you keep asking for them.

    Be Proactive And Offer Help!

    While working as an intern do not restrict yourself to your department only while providing help. When you volunteer to help someone outside of your team and department, you get to learn about how things work in the other departments as well, and this gives you a broader perspective on how the industry life is and how does an industry work.

    Ask Questions.

    Everyone at your workplace knows that you are young and new, and would have many questions. So, it is better to ask questions instead of just assuming stuff and making mistakes. That would just waste everybody’s time and effort. However, also be careful not to disturb people with your questions when they are doing something important.

    Add Everyone On Your LinkedIn.

    Isn’t it true that you are interning at a place because you want to build your professional network? So, instead of sending everyone a friend request on facebook, you should add them on Linkedin. It will add weight to your profile and will benefit you in the long run as well.

    Whatever You Do, Do It Well.

    The first and the foremost thing that anyone will notice when you are given some work is whether you make lots of mistakes that they need to fix. If you make mistakes, people might soon think, “It is faster if I just do it myself.” So every time you write an email or run some numbers, you are auditioning to get more work. Moreover, every spelling or grammatical error or miscalculation is something that will lead people away from asking for your help.

    Ask To Sit In Meetings.

    Everyone knows that as an intern your job is to listen and learn. You are very young to contribute. So, you should sit in these meetings and observe how people act, what they discuss and how they come up with solutions. You can clear your doubts with your mentor later, or do your research about what was discussed.

    Connect With Your Fellow Interns.

    You might feel that your internship is not as much fun. So, connect with people to make your stay interesting. Get to know the other interns. In addition to this knowing interns from different departments will help you learn a lot about how various departments function and who’s who of where.

    Do Not Hesitate To Check FB But Only In Your Free Time.

    You can always check Facebook on your phone, but it does not create a good impression if someone finds you sitting idly on Facebook on an office screen. So make sure that you check your Facebook profile on your office computer only in your free time and such that no one should notice you.

    Dress Well And Be Resourceful.

    There is a saying that, “ The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed”, and it holds very true. If you want to do business, then dress like it and be a resource for your team. You should step up anytime; anyone needs help. You should always remain proactive during the internship period.

    Ask For Letters Of Recommendation When You Leave.

    Don’t just get your stipend and leave, instead, request your mentors to write you letters of recommendation. These are your stepping stones into the professional world, and will count when you are looking for a job. In return make you can leave them meaningful thank you notes. It is a good habit to end things on a good note.

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  • Most Dumbest Selfies Ever On The Internet – You Will Shock For Sure

    shark kill the man

    Selfies! what do you think about this word? we have seen a lots of selfies on the social media and I am sure you are also addicted to taking selfies time to time. But today let’s check out some of the dumbest selfies ever which is still viral on Internet and on Social media. I am damn sure after that you will say WTF!!.

    Let Her Free To Take Selfie



    Gender Changed!! :p





    Are You Feeding Your Body Or What?



    I Am Speechless Now



    Shaving Full Body



    Food! Let’s have a Bite

    maxresdefault (1)


    Mona Lisa Also In The List



    I am Calling The Cop Now



    I Think Someone Broke Your Face Because Of These Kind Of Selfies



    Hey Girls Give Him Time To Shut The Door



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  • Why iPhone And Apple Products Starts With ‘i’ – Secret Revealed Must Check


    In the whole world, Apple Inc. is the company which changes the tech industry from its first day with the help of magical man Steve Jobs. We all love to use Apple products in our daily life such as iPhone, iPod, and iMac, etc. because of the ultimate premium feel in technology which Apple provides in all products, and it’s not hidden from anyone that no one can beat Apple products ever. But have you ever wondered that why most of the top products of Apple have initial ‘i’ in starting of every product name?

    First of all, let me clear one thing this is not a branding strategy at all. This is symbol given by Steve Jobs with the hidden message behind this ‘i’. There are just a few products that don’t have this initial in starting like Macintosh etc.

    Let’s find out the real reason of ‘i’:

    Apple Inc. was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne on Apr 1, 1976, in Steve Jobs dad’s garage which is located in Cupertino, CA.

    steve jobs and steve wozniak


    Recently Apple announced that from 2007 to 2016 Apple sold out 1 billion iPhone’s around the world. This is insane, isn’t it?

    apple sold one billion iphones


    Now let’s reveal the reason behind that Initial ‘i.’

    In 1998 iMac was the first product which comes with the initial ‘i’ and as you can see that name is started with ‘i.’ During the launch of iMac, Steve reveals that ‘i’ stands of Internet and Mac stands for ultimate personal computer. Steve’s challenge all tech giants that iMac will give the fastest access to the internet. On that day Steve said that “iMac comes from the marriage of the excitement of the internet with the simplicity of Macintosh.”

    While launching, Steve Jobs also elaborate that ‘i’ stands for the Internet, Individual, Instruct, Inform, and Inspire.

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  • Mumbai Police Tweets About Pokemon Go – Must Read For All Gamers

    mumbai police tweet for pokemon go gamers

    Pokemon Go, a new location-based augmented reality game, has become a rage amongst the youngsters. They are playing the game everywhere and even on the busy streets. Due to this, the Mumbai Police has started cautioning people to not to make it a cause of accidents while playing it on city roads.

    The Police has issued numerous tweets warning players about the hazards of the game on its official Twitter handle MumbaiPolice.

    ” What we don’t know is usually what gets us killed! Roads have never been the best place to play games!”, read one of the tweets.

    “Life is not a game. Especially not one to be played on the roads!” warned another tweet. Check out the official tweet below.

    Mumbai Police Tweet:

    Some people didn’t take it seriously, and they reply with these kinds of tweets:


    While some people agree with Mumbai Police and they tweet like this:



    City-based cyber expert Vijay Mukhi also got worried about the same and said that it is an outdoor game where people play together and at times may get hurt. He also advised children not to indulge in this game while they are out on the roads.

    He said,” It’s an outdoor game where people play together and get hurt. Parents should not allow an 8-10-year-old kid to play it on the road. As it is the case, attention span is very limited, and they may suddenly cross the road (while playing the game) and get hurt.”

    He also added, ” The augmented reality and virtual was in the pipeline for long. This is for the first time (with Pokemon Go) that has become a reality.”

    This fact game, Pokemon GO was first released in the US, Australia, and New Zealand and is now available in more than 30 countries and is becoming a global phenomenon.

    This game, which is yet to be launched officially in India, has already taken the country by storm and gaming persons are playing it by downloading the Pokemon Go APK (Android application package) file.

    Players of this game also known as ‘trainers,’ download the Pokemon Go game on their smartphones. To continue in the game, these players or trainers have to walk around to fit and catch Pokemon, and there are access specific locations called Poker stops where Pokeballs and other useful items are collected.

    Getting to Poker stops, catching different Pokemon and watching the Poke-eggs requires a lot of walking. Some of the gamers of this game in other countries have reportedly met with accidents while playing this game.

    We are not against with Pokemon Go game or gamers neither we are the biggest fan of it, we just want to spread one word that plays this game but with safety, I mean play it in the park or somewhere where you will be safe from an accident. So folks if you like this post and want to save your friends from accidents then share it with your friends and family member on social media.