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  • Girls Should Avoid These Makeup Mistakes In Daily Life – Must Read For Every Girl

    makeup mistakes

    To be very honest we all do commit mistakes. No one is perfect here. However, makeup mistakes are different from all other mistakes that we commit. These mistakes can stem from way back when you learned what tweezers are used for, and they can even haunt you forever. So, we are here to help you. Here are some makeup mistakes you might be making.

    Skipping Sunscreen

    Over the years, we have been told to apply sunscreen regularly to avoid skin cancer. This is exactly why skipping sunscreen in your makeup routine is a huge mistake, and this goes for every skin tone. You should apply a settling powder that has at least 25SPF continuously throughout the day. It will not only soak up oils and set makeup but will also keep protecting your skin from sun damage.

    Skipping Skincare

    Using skincare, especially a moisturizer, and eye cream is the best thing that you can do for your skin. Not only will the right skincare help with breakouts, fine lines and texture of skin but will also help concealer and foundation to go smooth and look natural. So, you should start putting creams and moisturizers and start prepping your skin now to prevent any further signs of aging!

    Wearing Lip Liner In A Wrong Way

    Lip liner is amazing and does wonders but only if you apply it right. Instead of just applying lip liner on the outline edge of your lips, fill in your lips with liner so that it gives a base for your lipstick to go on. Also, leave the center of your lips bare- this will not only give the appearance of fuller lips, but you won’t get that awkward looking ring outline when your lipstick fades from drinking on a night out.

    Keeping Makeup For Too Long

    All your makeup has an expiration date; it is just every product is different due to their uses and how sustainable they are.

    Powders: 2 years

    Cream Shadow: 12-18 months

    Oil Free Foundation: 1 month

    Compact Foundation: 18 months

    Concealers: 12-18 months

    Lipstick and Lipliner: 1 year

    Pencil Eyeliner: 2 years

    Liquid and Gel Eyeliner: 3 months

    Mascara: 3 months

    Some makeup products may have some more time to expire but always keep checking and don’t use ever expiry products on your face because it may damage your face.

    Sleeping With Makeup

    Sleeping with your makeup is probably the worst thing you can do for your skin. When we sleep, our skin goes through a renewing process so that we can wake up to glowing skin. Wearing makeup while sleeping not only clogs your pores and cause breakouts but also cause skin aging. So, take some extra minutes to remove your makeup and apply a skin care regimen that will save your skin from looking tired and patchy.

    Not Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

    Not cleaning your makeup brushes is equivalent to not cleaning your teeth. You use makeup brushes on your face while applying foundation which means while you apply foundation your brush is also collecting bacteria, oil, pollution and debris that is collected on your face. So, you should use a spray cleaner to clean your brush and shampoo them once a week.

    Storing Makeup In Bathroom

    It would ake sense to store makeup in your bathroom because that is the place where you get ready. However, storing makeup in the bathroom where you take your shower will not only ruin your product but will also make it prone to collecting bacteria. So, you should store your make brushes and makeup in a cool, dry area to prevent it from getting ruined.

    Wearing Too Much Face Powder

    Applying face powder after the foundation is an excellent way to get fuller coverage and too matte oily skin. However, applying heavy face powder all over your face will not only give you super flat unnatural look, but it will also age you tremendously. You should try a translucent setting powder. They do not add any color or coverage and simply just matte your skin with a refined powder that won’t cake.

    Overlining Eyes

    Eyeliner is mainly used to define your eyes and give an illusion of fuller lashes. Applying liner to both the top and bottom lash line creates depth and gives the eyes a larger appearance. However, over lining eyes is a huge mistake. It creates unnatural looking black ring around the eyes and will also make your eyes look smaller.Try using an eyeshadow and smudge brush to define your lashes.

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  • This Korean Bodybuilder Going Crazy On The Internet – Find Out Why


    You saw many cute, hot, sexy and beautiful women in the world. But today I am going to show you something different. Who developing her body like bodybuilders and proving that women are not behind the man. Women can do anything like mans. So today I am going to show you all a South Korean female bodybuilder. Yeon Woo Jhi is one of the most muscular women in the world. She is a bodybuilder in IFBB PRO South Korea. She also won the competition of Arnold Classic Europe 2013 Women’s Physique.

    let’s check out some pictures of Yeon Woo Jhi.

    Is It Real or Fake? OMG What A Physique



    She can easily defeat men in bodybuilding because many people have not the physique like her, and it is the result of hard work and dedication on body building.

    She Is A Celebrity In South Korea



    Yeon Woo Jhi has won several bodybuilding competitions and she is a celebrity in her country. She has 20k-30k followers on Instagram and Facebook and you should follow right now.



    She is now trying hard to compete with other female bodybuilders around the world, and we wish her good luck, so her hard work pays her back with the gold trophy in every championship.

    She Is Breaking Records And Rules



    You can check many female bodybuilders around the world because bodybuilding is recognized sport in Europe and North America but in Asia, it is just starting and start growing for women’s bodybuilding.

    Perfect Combination Of Strong Body & Cute Face



    Yeon Woo Jhi has the perfect combination. She has a muscular body and beautiful face with a beautiful smile.

    We Can Bet, After Watching Her Pictures Your Face Look Like This.


    Featured IimageCourtesyy: via

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  • 9 Things Men Don’t Understand About Women Ever

    guys dont understand girls

    They say it is very difficult to understand women, that women are a very complicated creation of God. But I think that if you pay real attention to a woman, She can be as easy as anything. So, here are some points that will help you understand her better.

    Girl Drama.

    Girl Drama is not what all girl wish for. It is more of like a patriarchy. It is not as if we want to hate every other girl on earth. We do not like it. In fact, we hate it, and most of us just want to be friends with every other girl on earth because we do believe that every girl on earth is special and mostly great. Plus, who doesn’t like to have access to other girls’ closets?

    Too Many Toiletries And Cosmetics.

    Yes, we do have hundreds of products in our bathroom, and the weight of all of it practically buries us every time we open our cabinet. We didn’t make the rules of using such products, but yes we do need to use eyeliners, concealers, foundations, eye shadows palette, lip liner, lip color, etc. to name a few. And this is not even 1% of the list.

    Saying I Am Fine When We Aren’t.

    The reason behind this is that girls are taught from birth to be nice and polite and not get upset or bitch about anyone. This might be the reason that we don’t get direct and say ‘I am fine’ when we might be fuming with anger. You just have to accept us with it and know that you have to pay more attention to us when we are not fine.

    It Feels Good To Take Off Bra At The End Of The Day.

    Yes, you will never understand the pleasure we get when to take off our bra at the end of the day. To understand this guy should also have little bras for testicles so they can keep them in this weird sweaty thing and keep adjusting them all day long. It also itches and pinches in a weird way.

    Catcalling Is Unacceptable.

    Guys can never understand this and make them understand it or explaining it to them will make us even more irritable. But a sweaty, gross and weird looking guy telling us that we have a nice ass when we are just trying to get to home after a long day is not a compliment, and it is not same as a hot girl complimenting you.

    So Many Pillows.

    This is simple, and we don’t understand what guys don’t get in it. We love to be cozy. What’s so confusing about this? Pillows make us feel comfortable and give us a feeling of joy and happiness. It is their problem if they don’t like to be cozy. Everyone normally likes to be cozy.

    It Takes So Long To Do Eye Make-Up. 

    Ok. For this just try this out. Take a tiny pencil and draw straight lines on it that are very close to the lash line and then get both eyes to look the same without any variation. Now you are getting us. Accept it; it is a difficult task. Doing an eye make-up is not an easy task. It takes patience and lot of concentration to do it.

    Period Pain Is Not A Joke.

    Well, in this case, even the doctors have been found to ignore women’s menstrual cramps which can make women less likely to speak up when something could be wrong. Just get it this way, that it is a pain that you will never experience. So, can you go and please get us chocolate?

    Why We Ask If We Look Fat In Something.

    That is not to everyone. But this is because in today’s world everyone wants to lean and thin. And it is this pressure to be thin that is all-consuming sometimes and can fluctuate our self-esteem many times. And as we are also human beings who sometimes need emotional support we ask.

    I hope you find this article interesting, and it will be now easy for men to understand women. Do not forget to share this article with your friends and family. For any queries and suggestions message us in the comment box below. We would love to hear from you.

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  • Qualities In Girls That Impresses A Guy – Hey Girls Read It Now

    beautiful and smart girls

    Guys love to date various kinds of girls like beautiful, pretty, funny, loving, caring, bold, hot and so on. But every man wishes that his girl should possess some qualities that will make her different from the other girls. Guys need a girl who is unconventional and free-spirited. Here are some qualities that impress every guy.

    Not Forcing Them To Go Shopping.

    This has been observed from very long that guys do not like to go shopping. Spending hours in the mall to buy a particular dress and then ending up buying a shoe is something that doesn’t excite them.  So we should spare them from this shopping spree and can go with our girlfriends instead.

    Having A Good Appetite.

    There is a saying that way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach, and this is correct. Guys have a huge appetite for food, and they do not want a girl who keeps on insisting on eating low calorie or sugar-free. They want a girl who shares their food appetite and who loves to eat.

    Paying On Dates.

    It doesn’t mean that they do not want to be a perfect gentleman, but sometimes it shows that if the girl pays, then they don’t have any ego issues. It also shows them that the girl is independent and can support herself very well, and this is the quality that guys love to have in the girlsimpress.

    Sharing Their Love For Beer.

    We all know that most of the guys love to have the beer. And guys like their girl to love beer too. They like girls who they can sit with on a rooftop and have a chilled beer with. They do not like girls who always nag and bicker about their drinking habits and doesn’t allow them to have a single drink.

    Not Caring About Makeup Or Hair.

    The guys love the girl who doesn’t care about her makeup or hair and who likes to keep it natural because in today’s world of Instagram filters one can never know the real person by just seeing pictures. The girls that guys like mostly prefers to be organic.

    Ability To Make Them Laugh.

    The guys like a girl who laughs at their jokes. And not only the girl who laughs at their jokes but also the one who can make them laugh and can make their bones tickle. Such kind of girl is a definite keeper according to the guys.

    Taking Initiatives.

    Taking action and standing up for oneself is a quality that all guys look for in their girls. A girl who makes the first move not only appears to be bold and confident but also makes the guys feel desirable which is a good thing.

    Sharing Their Love For Games.

    Guys love the girl who is as crazy as them about gaming, video games and sports. They like a girl who watches cricket matches with them, and they do not have to fight for remote with them every time they want to watch it. It feels like a blessing in disguise for the guys to have a girl like this in their lives.

    Not Going By The Rules.

    Following the rules and regulations of the society is a good thing but not always. Guys like a girl who makes her standards and believes in doing things the way she wants. She doesn’t even expects their men to follow the rulebook but wants them to do their thing the way their guys want freely.

    So, these are some unique qualities of a girl that makes a guy impressed. If you find this article interesting, then do not forget to share it with your friends. For any queries and suggestions, please comment in the comment box below.

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  • Skills To Learn Before You Turn 40 – Valuable Skills For All

    turning 40 list

    The more skills you have, the more you are valued in the market. Your ability to acquire skills determine your impact in the market. Learning any skill will be helpful and productive.  But there are some skills that are more valued than others, and here I provide you a list of such skills that you should learn before you turn 40.

    Public Speaking

    Public speaking is one of the most important skills that one can learn to advance a career. Being able to communicate and explain your ideas effectively in front of the public gives a positive impact on your career and relationship both.


    The negotiating skill can be applied in every aspect of your life be it to grow your business and expand it, to make money or to have control over your life. Negotiating is something that helps you get what you want effectively.

    Speed Reading

    Time is the most important commodity in today’s world and its limited as well. Learning to read at a fast speed can save you a lot of time which you can invest in learning something new. You can practice reading to learn to read at a faster speed.

    Personal Finance

    Being able to manage your finance is very important in today’s world where most of the people don’t know the value of the money. We should have a control on our budget. It is the first step towards achieving freedom.


    That time has long gone where you could get away with just one language. Today, as the countries become multicultural, it has become a necessity to know more than one language. Learning a new language helps you improve your career, grow your business and boosts your confidence.

    Playing an Instrument

    Learning a new instrument helps you in improving your cognitive skills along with impressing your friends. Learning instrument helps you improve your concentration skills as well.

    I hope you will find this article useful. We would love to hear from you about the skills you have learned or are planning to learn. If you find this article interesting, then do share it with your friend and family. For any queries and suggestions contact us through the comment box below.