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vimal iron man

Iron man is the real hero for youngsters, but engineering students from all over the world Ironman is the ultimate engineer which they always want to be. Many engineering students want to build their Iron man suit but how many of them succeed? I think very less, or you can say no one, but there is one student from India, who always wants to build his suit like the Ironman had in the movies, and he wants to be one of the students who fulfill their dreams.

An Indian engineering student from Kerala, Vimal Govin Manikandan of MES College of Engineering. He built a battery-powered suit. He built this ultimate suit in very less amount of money, which is not imaginable.

Less Money + So Much Hard Work + Dedication + Knowledge = Desi Ironman Suit

vimal iron man


As a student, he also had very less money for living in the college life but as we know if someone dream for something and if he/she wants to convert his/her dream into reality then he/she have to put his/her 100% into that thing. The Same thing Mr. Vimal did this for his dream and with too much dedication and full concentration he built the suit in just $750 which is approx Rs. 50,000 INR in India.

While working on the suit, Mr. Vimal was keeping the Military in his mind, and He wants Indian army will use this suit in future for weightlifting purposes because according to him this suit which he built can lift up to 330 pounds or 150 Kgs weight.

For now, his suit is not fulfilled perfection, but Mr. Vimal and his team are working very hard to improve the suit. However, must say the invention is so cool, and he is a genius man. His suit will improve with more financial help, and our team would like to request our Indian government to help this guy to improve his suit and raise the name of India in the world.

Check out his suit video below:

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Written by Karan Bhardwaj

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