Without Any Film This Actor Is Making 100 Crore+, But How? Must Check

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Hey, guys today, I am here on BukyFeed with an amazing news, in this article, I am going to tell you about a BollyWood star, who is making 100 crores without any movie, and he waited for 9 years for his love. His real story is just like a film story. So I think you are getting eager to know about this actor, so what do you think now. He is no one. He is Anna, I mean Suniel Shetty. Yeah, Suniel Shetty is one of the best actors of BollyWood. He is a successful actor. So today I am talking about his earning and some hidden parts, can you imagine without any film he is making 100 crores rupees. Yeah, it is real. Let’s read this full article to know more about how he is making 100 crores without any film.

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Suniel Shetty started his career in 1992 with a hit movie Balwaan, and that was the time, after this movie, he did Mohra with Akshay Kumar, after that he was getting famous as an action hero, and then boom, he got the best film, Border in 1997, after that he was just like a shining star in BollyWood.

Suniel Shetty waited for 9 years to get his love, just because of he was in loved with Mana Kadri. Suniel Shetty met her at a party and got into love with her, after that he spent 9 years to make her parents ready for him. Because she is Muslim and Suniel Shetty is Hindu.

So folks after a short introduction about Suniel Shetty life now I am going to tell you that how he is making 100 crores without any movie. He is making 100 crores without any movie just with his own business, he has his own Fitness Chain in the whole country, and besides this, He is running and own production house named Popcorn Entertainment, also he is the owner of a Real Estate company, and he is running a Restaurants Chain in Mumbai. So now what do you think about him. He is famous as BollyWood’s Arnold.

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